Welcome to CO Pediatric Stroke Group

This is a private forum, so registration is required. Please create an account or log in to continue. If you’re new, welcome! Be aware that unless you’ve received a unique invitation link from the Children’s Hospital stroke support team or one of their events, your account may require approval by an administrator once you’ve registered; all in an effort to keep conversations private and secure. :slight_smile:

Why was this forum created?

The Stroke & Neonatal Neurology Program @ Colorado Children’s Hospital Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center maintains a regular group to connect pediatric stroke survivors and their families with staff and each other. Born from that, Mario Lurig established and maintains this forum for participants to connect in-between those meetings.

What are the requirements for getting access?

Connection with the group and the hospital is the fastest route to approval; it’s likely you were given, through email communication, a special invite link to join and be auto-approved. If not, approval will occur as soon as possible upon creating your account.
If you are a pediatric stroke survivor or family member of one but not connected to the group and still wish to be approved, that occurs on a case-by-case basis. You can email mariolurig@gmail.com for now.